About Me

So, who am I and what is it that I am passionate about? In particular,

  • I can spend hours upon hours in front of a Computer or Gaming on my television. I especially like RPGs and Adventure games though I won’t pass up a good Puzzle either.
  • For a time, I maintained a successful Web Site Design business at DanielSmithDesigns.com though I have given it up in favor of other pursuits – namely, my other web sites. I’m still interested in Web Site Design and try to stay current on new web technologies.
  • For a while in college, a friend nicknamed me “Elliott” after the kid from E.T. who wore a hooded sweatshirt all the time.
  • I love a good laugh and FoxTrot is my absolute favorite comic because it covers so many of the things in life that are important to me – computers, education, and family!

People who know me might say that I am a kid at heart with grown-up tastes. … They also might say I’m just weird like that. You can find out more about me by visiting the About Me pages on my other sites.

My Web Sites

  • Daniel Smith’s Personal Blog is my personal space where I can post about anything of interest – and often do!
  • Dragons Can Be Beaten, my Writing Web Site, contains writing tips, the occasional book review, and other topics of interest to writers.
  • Trust Without Reservations, my Science and Religion Web Site, is an outlet for me to explore my faith in Jesus Christ and especially how that relates to modern science. I do not believe there is a contradiction between the two.

My Wife’s Site

  • Problems to Solve, my wife’s Technology Web Site, covers all things related to Computers, Education, and Technology.

6 responses to “About Me

  1. Ruth Nettelhorst

    Hi, Daniel.

    I found your blog as a result of my interest in teacher leadership. I am currently getting my Master’s Degree from Walden University.

    I am also a Christian. I think you might be interested in my husband’s website as well as our friend from church, Eric Miller. They both have the same views of science and religion that I can tell from your short explanation.

    Take a look!

    Eric’s blog: http://rellimcire.blogspot.com/2008/06/oh-joy.html

    Robin’s blog (my husband): http://nettelhorst.blogspot.com/2008/07/science-fiction-author-quote-for-day.html

  2. Thanks! I’ll look them both up later.

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  5. So I see your busy as always…believe nothing of what this man says, he is not a child and he is not a teacher…he’s more of a fatherly figure to those students, which I guess means hes a teacher, but hes still cool……..nd I can still whoop you at Smash Bros. But I gotta say, i like your blog here

  6. Daniel, thanks for stopping by A Christian Worldview of Fiction. Glad to have you join the conversation any time.