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Course Evaluation

After 8 years of teaching, I’ve finally done it. I finally made a course evaluation for my students. After some research into the kinds of questions that are best to ask, I came up with the following list:

My Course Evaluation Questions

  1. How would you rate the classroom climate?
    • Temperature, lighting, and other classroom conditions were favorable.
    • Furniture and equipment were up to date and maintained in good working order.
  2. How would you rate the teacher?
    • The teacher was knowledgeable about the topics presented.
    • The teacher was well prepared for class.
    • The teacher was accessible when I needed help.
  3. How would you rate the course content?
    • Course assignments were interesting and stimulating.
    • Directions for course assignments were clear and easy to understand.
    • Books and handouts were helpful in completing assignments and understanding concepts.
  4. How would you rate the organization of the course?
    • The amount and difficulty of material covered was appropriate.
    • There was a coherent progression of the course from beginning to end.
    • The teacher maintained a pacing guide, calendar, or schedule of topics to be covered.
  5. How would you rate the quality of the teaching?
    • The amount and quality of feedback on assignments was appropriate.
    • The instructor answered questions carefully and completely.
    • Throughout the course, I was aware of my progress in completing assignments and understanding concepts.
  6. How would you rate the grading system used in the course?
    • The grading system was clear and fair.
    • Assignments were worth the time they took.
    • Test were at a reasonable level of difficulty relative to the material covered.
  7. How would you rate the classroom management and discipline?
    • Students were treated fairly and felt comfortable and respected.
    • Classroom and school rules were applied consistently and fairly to all students.
    • Inappropriate behavior was confronted and necessary action was taken.
  8. What aspects of the course did you like best? Why?
  9. What aspects of the course were the weakest and should be changed? How?
  10. Overall, how would you rate this course?
    • This course has increased my interest and appreciation for the subject.
    • I would recommend this course to a friend.

    My Course Evaluation Questions Online

    Since online forms are so much better at gathering and displaying information, I put these questions into Wufoo at http://dsmith77.wufoo.com/forms/course-evaluation/. Wufoo makes creating surveys and forms simple. A free account lets you create 3 forms with 10 questions apiece and only limits you to 100 responses within a month’s time. The 10 questions above fit quite nicely.