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ChiroExamPlus.com was just launched in July 2008. Now listen, this is something new. Examination software customized for the chiropractic profession has never existed before now! It took at least two years of planning and an additional two years of coding to bring it to a reality. Congratulations to Lynn, Chad, and Darren for all their hard work!


DanielSmithDesigns.com Home PageDanielSmithDesigns.com was launched in March 2005 and taken down in May 2008. The web site was designed and developed by me, Daniel Smith, as part of a business I ran by the same name. It was also host to several web design resources. I have now given it up in favor of other pursuits.

I still have the DanielSmithDesigns.com domain name though, so it now points to this blog. If you’re looking for something specific from that site and you can’t find it here, email me. Chances are I still have it.

DanielSmithDesigns Blog Launch

I am pleased to announce the launch of my very first blog! I’m new at this so we’ll see what I make of it. I imagine I will be able to incorporate what I’ve learned about setting up this blog with some of my clients later so, stay tuned!

You can access my blog from this web site. Thanks for visiting!