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Agatha Christie Novels Checklist

We’re having a used book sale this week at my school. In the spirit of being thrifty and stretching a dollar, I thought I would take advantage of this opportunity and work toward completing my Agatha Christie collection. (There are some other books I’m looking for too.)

And what did I find? A boat-load of Agatha Christie novels! But there was a catch; I did not know which books I had and which ones I didn’t have. To further complicate the matter, Agatha Christie’s books have been published on and off for decades in multiple collections and many under multiple titles too! No two collections are alike.

So I spent some time searching for a complete list of her novels (she wrote other kinds of works) and found the best list on Wikipedia. It wasn’t in a format I could use so I compiled the information into the following list. I provide it here so that other fans can complete their collections as well.

I believe this list is complete, but there are some minor details that are missing such as complete lists of which detectives are included in each short story collections. I welcome any comments and updates.