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Reflection on Integrating Technology in the Classroom

As a regular classroom teacher in this program, I thought I understood what it meant to be an Instructional Technology Facilitator (ITF). My participation in this course has opened my eyes to aspects of that position that I had not considered. Things like scheduling, working with techno-phobic teachers, and integrating technology into another teacher’s curriculum simply had not occurred to me. I have now been made aware of these difficulties and been given techniques to overcome them. That is the benefit that I have gained from this course.

I have been a member of many diverse groups while completing my graduate coursework. I have not met anyone yet that I could not work with or find some positive character trait in. A diverse range of perspectives on a topic is usually energizing for me. I guess that’s one reason I feel so at home attending my graduate classes. Plus, I have made some good contacts and they have come in handy on occasion already.

Many times I was in a group with Rebecca, my wife. That certainly made for some interesting times! But I also branched out on my own. In particular, I worked with the back-row boys on a book project and got to know and appreciate them. The Saturday morning online meetings in AETZone were particularly memorable. It was so nice to be able to converse on a wide range of topics. It certainly stretched my imagination about what was possible. Just the other day some of my fellow classmates casually mentioned calling each other over Skype and I happened to overhear. It’s an amazing world and I still have so much to learn and explore.

I’m a bit of a pack rat so the biggest impact that this course has had and will have is through the posts on my new blog at dsmith77.wordpress.com. This particular class helped to open my eyes to a broad range of new technologies (Celtx, Google Trends, Evite, and Flip Video just to name a few) and I have been able to hold onto these new technologies by posting to my blog. It’s a nice way to organize everything so I don’t lose anything. I pretty much put everything there from new sites I discover to my presentation materials. Plus, if something is written down and publicly accessible people who need it will find it or I can guide them to it. It’s a win-win scenario. I’ve only had my new blog for a few weeks, but I’ve already had over 600 visitors! Granted these are not all educational visitors, but that will come. There is long-lasting potential for a lot of future involvement by colleagues and contacts that I haven’t even met yet.

Teacher Work Sample

Completing a Teacher Work Sample was a class requirement of the CI 5055 ‘Connecting Learners and Subject Matter’ course taught at Appalachian State University by Dr. Melanie Greene. In it, I conducted an assessment and analysis of my teaching as a matter of professional practice. (I teach computer applications and programming at a public high school in rural western North Carolina, USA.) The process and requirements are similar to that of the National Boards for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS). I provide it here with the expectation that someone might benefit from having access to it.

Since my Teacher Work Sample includes a number of images and charts that are wider than my blog’s page width, I have included a link to it instead of the full text.