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Lakeland Revival with Todd Bentley

Is it real? Is it fake? Here are some of my thoughts based on my personal and past experiences.

On http://www.charismamag.com/news/archives/042208d.html it says: “Prophetic minister Bob Jones told Bentley he believed the angel’s name was “Winds of Change”–the same angel, Jones said, that visited healing evangelist William Branham in the 1940s.”

I dated a girl in college who followed the teaching of William Marrion Branham and Branham denied the trinity. He emphasized that God was One and not three. Is this enough to make the modern-day followers of William Branham a cult by most Christian standards? I don’t know. I also don’t know anything about this Todd Bentley, but I have heard of Bob Jones and the article says that Jones identified the angel as the same one that Branham claimed.

Scripture says that we should always test the spirits to see if they are from God. Angels are merely messengers from God (both words translated from the Greek are actually one and the same!) and will never seek their own glory like the angel in Revelation when John bends down to worship him. The angels always point to God and give him the credit AND from what I read God is being glorified. Since God is being glorified (at least in word) it seems to contradict that this is not real. I truly don’t know how this fits in because none of the accounts I’ve seen so far are firsthand. They all seem to be at least secondhand. It really matters what Todd and Bob are saying and of course what they really believe.

Now, can God use anyone for His purposes? The answer is yes because we have Cyrus, a pagan, in the book of Daniel. God also used the Assyrians and Babylonians to do his bidding so you can’t flat out deny what’s going on just because these men may not have their beliefs straight because of an association I read in one report. Still, it makes me stand back and question whether this is all real, partly real, or something else.

One other thing, nowhere in the bible does it ever state that there will be this big revival right before Jesus returns that I am aware of. (If anyone knows of any scripture passages that speak of one, please let me know.) In fact, one can infer that a reason God has to come back to Earth in the book of Revelation is because man degenerates to such a low point that all life would cease if He did not return. That doesn’t sound like there’s going to be a revival to me although some people still believe one will take place.

I would like to see this through. I’ll pray tonight about this. I welcome your comments and discussion too. Again, it would be wonderful if it is true and that God is performing a mighty work in our time. However, the dangers of how people will be turned off from, and even hostile toward, Christianity if it is not true when this revival is all over is too high a price to pay to be wrong. I think a pinch of skepticism in this is both wise and valid. Remember the crook televangelists.

BTW, three paragraphs down from the quote above it says: “The boy lay motionless on the platform, and his father bent over him, pressing his forehead to his son’s. “I feel he’s in some kind of vision or something,” Bentley told the crowd. When the boy got up five minutes later he said bright angels had come to him and “put their hands on me.”

Now, every time I hear about angels – and in particular, “angels of light” – I am reminded that Satan is an angel of light and impersonates God. I am not trying to be pessimistic in this. This could truly be a miracle from God. I am merely trying with my limited capacity to “test the spirits”. Please join me in this and put this revival to scrutiny based on your own understanding of God and scripture. God actually commands us to do this! Ask Him to reveal the truth to you. That’s what I’m going to do.

Fresh Fire Ministries is the official web site for Todd Bentley’s ministry.

[Update! I no longer have any doubts about this not being a move of God. I believe this is a massive deception of Satan. Read the comments for more information.]