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Money Deposit Worksheet

Money Deposit Worksheet

This is a simple worksheet I made to organize the various bills and coins received from school fundraisers. It can be used two ways: either digital as a functioning spreadsheet that automatically calculates amounts or printed and filled out manually. It has simplified my efforts considerably and more than made up for the time I spent creating it. I hope you can benefit from it too.


Total Points to Percentages Lookup Sheet Generator

Total Points to Percentages Lookup Sheet Generator

Ever used one of those old-fashioned slide rules to calculate a grade out of 100% when you had an odd number of questions? Well, I didn’t know about those things when I first started teaching. So, the very first year I taught I made my own using a spreadsheet.



  1. Open the spreadsheet
  2. Enter the “Total Number of Questions” (and “Total Curve”, if desired) in the boxes indicated.
  3. Select the “Percent Grades” tab to view and print.

A Better To-Do List

To-Do List

A Better To-Do List

Today, I’m absolutely SWAMPED with things to do. Since I had so much to do, I made a To-Do List in Microsoft Excel 2003. I needed to keep track of a list of tasks, their deadlines, other things that needed to be done before I could complete them (dependencies), and also be able to put them into groups. The To-Do List I made came out so nice, that I thought I would share.