Mr. Smith’s Game 2.0

Gee, that was fast wasn’t it? A whole new version complete with a new, huge level in what, minutes? Well, no it didn’t really happen that fast. I’ve had version 2 done for a while but this is its big Internet debut! In fact, some of my students found a few programming errors here and there so I’ve actually had to update it three times to version 2.03.

Without revealing too much, if you still have a save file from version 1.0 just copy that file into the 2.0 folder and you should be good to go. A few things have changed from 1.0 (like the bats have been replaced by owls), but nothing major (the bats are still included in the game…). Anyway, for those of you who don’t remember where you left off here’s a clue: go to the Trapper’s hut in the center of the forest. The next level starts there. Oh, and I’d stock up on some Bread and especially Antidotes while I was there…

Anyway, have fun! I certainly did in making it. This new area that’s now open to you is pretty big. You might want to make a map to help you navigate around. It can be a bit tricky. Oh, and there are a total of three ways “out” besides the exit. You’ll know what I mean.

Version 3 is already in the works. I already have my maps sketched out and plans made for what it will be like. So far, I’m pleased, but you’ll have to wait a while for it as it contains probably 12-15 maps and only one is close to complete. There’s never enough time to do all the things you want!

Enjoy and leave me comments here about your conquests! Be sure to check back periodically for updated versions. Oh, at a minimum to play it you’ll need to install the Runtime Package (RTP) on your computer. You only need to install this once, so if you already have it, you’re good to go!

8 responses to “Mr. Smith’s Game 2.0

  1. Hmm, looks pretty “neat”, although it reminds me of the graphics from “Game Maker” software, and delphi.

  2. well its made from RPG Maker XP…and its not like you can change the graphics to much…but its still fun

  3. Sprites are easy to change.. and easy to import.

    RPG Maker can’t support high-res modeled graphics anyway.

  4. Yes, these are the default graphics available with the game. I’m not much of a graphic artist. I’m more of a programmer. I made the game originally to see what I could do with the software. I’m pleased with all the things I’ve been able to include though and there are even more in version 3 that I’ve started. I already have a Dragon Quest-style bank working and I’ve got plans for a hub town where you’ll be able to buy, sell, and maybe even trade and barter.

  5. I almost forgot. The graphics for the enemies are not from the game. They’re unique at least. If I ever team up with a decent graphic artist the graphics will be easy to swap.

  6. Nice :]

    I would suggest trying C#’s gaming engine from Microsoft.

    3D rendering.

  7. For now, time is my biggest enemy. Having had no formal training on how to make a game I think I’ve done well. I’m aware of Microsoft XNA Game Studio Express. Is that the one you mean? It didn’t exist when I started this project and was only a beta during my version 2.

  8. Yeah, I’m talking about XNA, although not the actual IDE that goes with it, but more or less the system in particular.

    Integrating it with C#, or any other C language, plus combining DirectX10.. is amazing.

    One of my friends was the AI developer for a new game called: Age of Conan, you may have heard of it.

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