Stage Blood Alternative

We’re doing some remodeling at my house over the weekend. Specifically, we’ve been replacing some old paneling with drywall. In the process of cutting the drywall, we’ve been using a chalk line to get the edges straight. Did you know that the chalk that goes in the chalk line comes in different colors? Growing up I had always known it to be blue. But the chalk used we were using was RED.

And there you have it – red chalk for a chalk line. I imagine you can find it at most hardware stores. And it’s great for stage blood! We actually thought we had cuts and scraps because of it. People coming by the house standing right in front of us thought we had cuts and scrapes! We made “bloody” fingerprints on the drywall, laid our arms on the chalk lines and got long “scrapes” on our arms, and wiped our hands on our shirts to make “blood stains” there. Perhaps the best part? It’s really not that messy. Once the excess chalk is gone it won’t wipe off your skin or clothes through casual contact, but it washes away quickly with water.


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