Ultimate Domain Box Scans

[Update! Broken links are fixed! Sorry for the trouble.]

Ultimate Domain, known better as Genesia, was a popular DOS game released in 1994 by Microids and The Software Toolworks. It’s very rare now, but I still have a copy including the box, original installation disks, and user’s guide. So here are the box scans for Ultimate Domain. If you’re interested in learning more about this game then visit the information page for it on Abandonia.com.

3 responses to “Ultimate Domain Box Scans

  1. Is there anywhere I can download Genesia (AKA Ultimate Domain) for PC? I have searched dozens of sites and have only succeeded in finding a french version that works badly and a lot of dead ends. I bought the game on Amiga when it first came out and was hooked for years until the disks got corrupted and the company went bankrupt (no chance of replacement disks!) I have the game for WINUAE but by the looks of things it is a lot smoother and nicer to look at in DOS and I sorely want a copy (that I dont have to pay for a second time) Help?

  2. You’re in luck! Abandonia has it available for download.

  3. Well, it looks like the link has been taken down. Sorry about that. There’s a link to an Amiga version though if that will help you.

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